What we do at Asentiv


What we do

One of my contacts came to me to ask How do I get better clients

This is the situation he was in. He is financial advisor who Creighton’ doing OK but had a partnership offer on the table if he could bring substantial more new business into the firm. But he didn’t want to sacrifice taking his kids to school when he wanted or playing golf with his Dad on a weekend.

The only way he could see it happening was to put more hours in.

We worked with him and in the next year he doubled his earnings but working with fewer clients.

This is what Asentiv does. Whether you want more clients or better clients we can help you.

How do we do it

We provide structured practical training on how to get better clients through a referral process. Our clients benefit from increasing their average client value enabling them to earn more working with fewer clients.

Loads of companies provide sales training but Asentiv trains you how to get in front of the clients you want to work with. It doesn’t matter how good you are at sales if you can’t get in front of the right people.

Help people build a quality referral team. A referral team is a group of people who you get on with that are dealing with the clients that you want and are prepared to introduce you to the clients they have.

A successful referral team will bring you your best quality referrals

Help you build and run your own networking groups. Why join someone else’s networking group when you can build your own? Whether it is a networking group or referral group we can help you build it and run it to give you the best results.

What value do we add?

Our clients increase their average client value often by 100%

What would it be worth to you if you could double your average client value?

Would you earn more?

Would you have less stress?

Would you enjoy work more?

How much would you pay to make that happen?


Get better clients

Give you more confidence to ask for referrals

Get better results for the networking you already do

Learn how to build your own quality referral team

Who we work with

People involved with sales or advice who want to get to the next level.

They are doing OK but are ambitious to get better clients.

They are prepared to invest in themselves to get where they want to go.

They are open to new ideas on how to get more business.

1.Does your business get the quantity of referrals you want?
2.Does your business get the quality of referrals that you want?
3.If you could attract better clients what would be the results?
4.Do you spend much time training your network to refer you?
5.Have you got the time to invest in getting a referral plan?
6.Would you like to know more about how Asentiv could help your business?