What Are Your Expectations When Asking For A Referral

What Are Your Expectations When Asking For A Referral?

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How many times over the last few years have you needed to be referred to an expert for things for your business, family, or personal life.

When you need a product or service take some time to figure out not only your budget, but also how you want to be taken care of during the process.

When you equip your referral sources with both expectations and as much information as possible, it will help get you referred to the person that can handle all of what you’re looking for and your experience will be that much better

For example, let’s say you are looking to remodel your kitchen. You need to take the time to think about the type of contractor you would like to work with, how long you would like the project to take, what is the perfect outcome, how do you show up in the process, and of course what your budget is. Once you have this list, you can then “activate your network”. This means asking your network to refer you based on all of that information.

Let’s say your friend Tom knows a contractor. It is easy for Tom to go to that person and ask them if they would like a referral to a person with “your list” of stipulations. It then allows the contractor to say yes that is a great referral for me or no it is not. Either way you win!

The other person that wins is Tom! He was able to possibly give a referral, which is a deposit into his relationship with the contractor and shows the contractor Tom is out there working on his behalf.

You have also made a deposit into your relationship with Tom. Remember, you can “give the referral away” instead of going to someone you know directly. It sets you up to get the exact service you are looking for and gives, in this case, Tom a way to give a referral.

No matter how big or small the referral, check to see if you could be getting even better service by understanding how you want to be treated by a service provider, making that list, and then have someone in your network refer you!

Enjoy the win-win-win scenario with this tip and remember if you want to learn more or have a conversation with me about how to give and receive top quality referrals just drop me a message or give me a call!

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