Building Mutually Beneficial Business Relationships On Your Terms

Tips for getting Business Online and Offline (post 4 of 8)

Easy to Implement tips for getting new business online and offline,

Just get in touch and chat-” How are you?” works well!

For some people, this freaks them out, I know it did for me initially,

Please stop selling, just talk!

How many people are doing it?

I mean,  a genuine question without a sales pitch?
Typically, our clients absolutely agree that gaining business by referral really works, they have had success with it before but unfortunately;

  • They hate going to endless networking events and being “sold to”
  • They have ended up attracting the wrong types of clients whom they couldn’t serve or indeed didn’t want to serve.
  • No matter what they did in the past they couldn’t really turn this into a structure or a planned system

As such they didn’t think that gaining business by referral was something they could plan and budget for,
But instead it was something that “just happened”

But now….finally there is a system that addresses this and translates this seemingly random process into an actionable and structured system….

And what’s more

Smart businesses are doing this RIGHT NOW and it’s working,

One of our Will Writer clients has doubled his average client value!

And an I.F.A. has increased his “funds under management” by a significant margin,

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