The 3 D’s To Drive Revenue

The 3 D’s To Drive Revenue

You only get one opportunity to make a great first impression. Sound familiar?

You know that there are people who meet that you have an instant reaction to and that reaction good be a positive or a negative.

The three D’s to driving referrals all begin with your personal brand:

Dress –

Technology has advanced to the state where our linked in and Facebook profiles dress up for us daily. Surely our online photos are enough to make a statement of our professionalism, right? Not exactly. Your attire matters, daily. When you attend any business meeting, how you look, while non-verbal in nature, is the loudest message you send. Whatever your professional attire requires, wear it better than your competition. An investment in your business attire is not just for others, it will make a change in how you feel. Looking crisp, clean, and pressed is the 1st step to driving referrals. It matters.

Demeanour –

While the 1st D deals in what your wear, the 2nd D is all about how you act. Your demeanour (also known as your behaviour or manner) will affect your referrability. Equally important to a professional appearance, wearing a smile is the first thing to put on daily. Many don’t realise it, but their facial expressions are sending the wrong messages. As genuine smile is one of the most important messages a person can send. Remind yourself daily to wear it and mean it.

Direction –

Where are you going?! Once your dress and demeanour are strong, people now need to know where you are headed in order to follow you, or refer you. Do you have a plan for every meeting you attend? Do you know who you are looking for and why? What referrals you are planning to pass to them, and of what quality? Most importantly, do you then know who you are looking to be referred to? This is the idea of “Networking on Purpose”, or “Networking with Intention”.

So not what we have gone through the three D’s, take some time to look in your closet, look in the mirror, and look at your business plan. Are all three of your D’s working in unison?

1.Does your business get the quantity of referrals you want?
2.Does your business get the quality of referrals that you want?
3.If you could attract better clients what would be the results?
4.Do you spend much time training your network to refer you?
5.Have you got the time to invest in getting a referral plan?
6.Would you like to know more about how Asentiv could help your business?