Setting Referral Goals

Setting Referral Goals

The start of the year is when we traditionally set our goals. Whether you like goals, love goals, or set them only because you have to they can be important in helping us to set our direction for the year and to give us focus on what we want to achieve.

We set Personal Goals, we set Business Goals, however are you setting referral goals?

Do you truly know how much revenue you would like from your business by referral?

This is such an overlooked item in goal setting with so many business owners and entrepreneurs. However, if you know this number and can focus on it over the course of a year, things become much clearer.

Now, these are only a few of the ways to generate business:

Cold calling – which many of us detest

PR and advertising – you may need to have a larger marketing budget for this
Direct prospecting – this is where you are speaking to a “stranger” you mention your business and they declare a need for your product or service

Referrals/word of mouth marketing – one of the most pleasant ways to gain new clients or
Social media – which most people grudgingly admit they get very little actual business from this.
So, knowing the different ways to get business, can you break down your overall revenue into those five categories by percentage? Maybe it looks like this:

Cold-calling 0%

PR & advertising 10%

Direct prospecting 55%

Referrals 33%

Social media 2%

Total 100%

If next year or next month, you want to be doing more business by referral it is important to know these percentages so you can truly see where your business is coming from!

This week – check your numbers, pull some reports, identify how your clients came to you this year and become aware of your numbers. You will thank us for it!

If you want to discuss numbers or increasing your business by referral then please do get in touch and I would love to have a conversation with you.

1.Does your business get the quantity of referrals you want?
2.Does your business get the quality of referrals that you want?
3.If you could attract better clients what would be the results?
4.Do you spend much time training your network to refer you?
5.Have you got the time to invest in getting a referral plan?
6.Would you like to know more about how Asentiv could help your business?