What Are Your Expectations When Asking For A Referral?

More Belief In You=Better Relationships

Belief is a very powerful concept in your referral marketing efforts. It affects all sides of the referral process. Belief, in so many ways, is ONE concept to consider if you are looking to increase your referrals (both giving and receiving). In this article let’s talk about receiving referrals.

Belief starts with how you feel about yourself. We all have certain core beliefs we identify with. Many of us have days where we really believe in ourselves and days where perhaps our self-esteem just isn’t up to par. Belief is also important in what you believe about your own business.

  • Do you believe you are a successful entrepreneur?
  • Do you believe you are a true expert at what you do?
  • Do you share with others your passion and conviction about what you do?

When your referral network sees our belief wavering in ourselves or in our business, you may become more difficult to refer to. They might wonder if they should refer if they are unable to see our confidence, our belief and our conviction in helping others.

Here are some ideas to gain more confidence about yourself:

  • Keep a compliment book – when people give you a compliment, and it really means something to you, write it down and read them often!
  • Have a “mantra” you say daily that affirms the person you want to be – at first it may not seem like much, but eventually that mantra can become reality!

Here are some ideas to gain more belief in your business:

  • Gather a gigantic list of testimonials – these can be put onto your website and in other promotional materials, but the key is to read them often. See just how many people you have helped and remind yourself continuously.
  • Give yourself MORE credit! Most entrepreneurs don’t give themselves enough credit for what they have accomplished. Set more milestones in between your larger goals and celebrate even the small successes. It shows you are moving forward and builds belief easily!

This week, see if you can use one of the above ideas to bolster your confidence in yourself and your business and if you would like to discuss any of the ideas above and how I can help you then please do contact me.

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