Build Your Team Of Professionals To Reach Your Dream Clients

How to get 7 new clients in 14 days (post 5 of 8)

The problem with growing your business by referrals is that;   No one talks about this, nobody teaches this at “new start events” or start up clubs and even    Within franchise businesses no one is teaching new or existing businesses how to plan for    receiving a constant flow of your ideal clients,   The thing is it makes sense to do the things your competition isn’t doing,   Oh, yes people talk about “networking” but only in a very general sense,   We however do it differently;  
  • We use a score card,
  • Monitor and Measure,
  • Sharing other complimentary businesses newsletters,
  Most people think that referrals are networking so they;   Go to a networking groups, stand up and talk for a minute, listen to all the other people doing the same, have your breakfast or lunch and then go to work,”   Or- go along to a local chamber event, do like wise, and speak to a room of people who are looking to sell to you…. Even through you are not buying…   All on autopilot, without a plan or a structure,   Let’s be honest   If Ewan and I had followed this advice 25  years ago we would never have gained 70-90% of our best clients to grow our respective businesses to multimillion pound level   Anyway, after the outbreak of Covid-19 we have made it our mission to let everyone know what works……   Keep moving your business through;   V=Visible C=Credible Then lastly P=Profitable.   To find out more about growing your pipeline of business,  
1.Does your business get the quantity of referrals you want?
2.Does your business get the quality of referrals that you want?
3.If you could attract better clients what would be the results?
4.Do you spend much time training your network to refer you?
5.Have you got the time to invest in getting a referral plan?
6.Would you like to know more about how Asentiv could help your business?