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Growing your business-not even met! (post 3 of 8)

So, how do we know that gaining business this way actually works?

Great Question this…..

The opportunity now is completely different, in fact businesses can do work together even though they haven’t even met. The new technologies are making this possible but beware of the time suck!

You see, it’s all very well having lots of video technology and doing lots of videos and networking via video conferencing ……..but!

If you don’t have a plan all you’re doing is wasting more time on thighs that don’t “move the needle,
So you need to be asking yourself some questions, so you avoid wasting on video,


You definitely need to have a bit of a process,

That’s that’s where the Asentiv Community gives you a process to follow.

For example, I won a new client  2 weeks ago which came started from a comment on LinkedIn,


I connected and looked at his website,

I went back and engaged and said “I like your website, I think I know somebody that you might want to do collaborate with!”

Now this gent (whom I’ve never met in person) has the potential to grow his business via one of my circle of connections,

Although everything’s gone Virtual the process is still the same just a different method of communication,

How good is that you can network by just sitting in your house and connecting with your circle of referral partners and help each other,

This process has been proven time and time again to help people grow their pipeline of business;

Here is what Kevin from Business Doctors said after being involved in Asentiv Community;

“ Being part of this coaching and training has had a positive effect on my business, I am now working with bigger clients with a larger revenue return. Equally important is my wife is now able to reduce her hours, and we can spend more time with our grandchildren (one of our goals)”

Andrew from Cara Technologies and IT Managed services company said;

“I was immediately aware of being in the room with strangers who turned out to be like-minded people with the same core values. After being through the coaching I had more questions about my business and this allowed me time to consider what the answers are. I also had the confidence and focus to make changes and do better.”

You know that gaining business by referrals works!

No matter where you are in the world, business is done by referral day after day, no cold calling, no strategy or tactic, just 1 person speaks to another business or person and so it carries on, from person to person, business to business!

The problem is;

  •  No one is able to make this into a system,
  • It’s hard to plan and budget for,
  • You may have had a bad experience in the past,
  •  You might actually feel a bit embarrassed to ask for referrals,
  • Therefore, you just don’t do it!!

Until now that is….

You see….

Our team here at Asentiv Community have been helping businesses gain new clients by referral for over 20 plus years,

To find out more about growing your business by referral,
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