Growing your Business by Referrals-Are we’re still talking? (post 2 of 8)

Attention all Wealth Managers!

If you’re running out of hours in the day and want to go from working far too hard to working smart,

our ‘fill in the blanks’ framework makes it easy to follow a predictable path to win new clients.

Here is what happened at the beginning of the pandemic!

Lots of my business colleagues and friends were a bit, you know, a bit freaked out!

Anyway here we are, 9 months later, and we survived……

So here at Asentiv Community we all came to the conclusion, that a sense of community was still important.

The answer was just to speak to people!

In fact, any type of business, speaking to them without trying to sell them something will always go down well.

What makes us at Asentiv Community completely different is;

We provide a fill in the blanks, step by step system, you can apply daily.

It will have new clients actually calling you and they will be the clients YOU want to work with!

A replicable system that you constantly apply to keep filling your pipeline with clients.

If your client attraction is taken care of,

You can get on with the job of helping your clients to maximise their investments.

No endless networking,

No speaking to the wrong people.

And definitely no zoom fatigue. 

1.Does your business get the quantity of referrals you want?
2.Does your business get the quality of referrals that you want?
3.If you could attract better clients what would be the results?
4.Do you spend much time training your network to refer you?
5.Have you got the time to invest in getting a referral plan?
6.Would you like to know more about how Asentiv could help your business?