Work Smarter On Your Business Growth Strategy

A conversation, nothing ever gets going without that.(post 7 of 8)

Make this a habit no matter how busy you are (or think you are)

Of course, you can still do this online, in exactly the same way as in person with the added benefit of,

No wasting 3 plus hours going between clients, how good is that?

So a faster sales cycle, means more efficiency and maybe that 4-day week is easier to

imagine now, (where are my golf clubs, single figure handicap beckons…

You see making ourselves busy is different from being productive,

Like Graeme in one of our focus groups, who is now a trusted advisor to our collective clients, which suits him and the bank of clients we are all dealing with,

And of course, we actually have not yet met in person, (but we know each other through those conversations)

But we are all working to find each other businesses from our collective bank of contacts,

In the years I’ve been involved in setting up and running networking groups

I’ve been really privileged to have spoken worldwide on these topics at training and conferences… all over the world,

The thing is that everyone is talking about the same frustrations, not enough time or should I say, not enough productive time,

…. Everywhere… all over the world, in every country.

Here at Asentiv our system and process, together with training and consistent coaching helps you to implement these efficiencies in your business,

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